You spend many hours at your workplace and in some ways it can be a home away from home. At the very least, you want that space to be pest-free just as much as you would your home. Not to mention, we know that for businesses where food, children, or customer service is involved, you do not want any pests invading that space that can potentially harm your visitors or customers – and, subsequently, negatively affect your business. Gilstrap Exterminating offers a comprehensive Commercial Pest Control plan that is designed to help rid commercial buildings of pest infestations.

The same high standards of care apply to commercial/businesses as they do homes. We begin with our Gilstrap technicians performing a thorough inspection of the premises – both inside and out. Our professionals will identify the pest, find out how they’re getting inside, and then work on a plan for both exterminating the problem and preventing further invasions.

We use a variety of treatment methods depending on the type of pest and the level of the infestation. We also take into consideration toxins and children – such as if it is a restaurant or food-related industry or school/educational facility. Please see our categories here for more details: Culinary, Education, Health, Hospitality, Office, Property.


This category would include restaurants – both sit-down and fast-food and all other food service businesses. Flies, cockroaches, mice, rats, etc., and all pests that carry bacteria or diseases can cause serious harm if in contact with people directly, of course, but also if there’s contact with food or instruments used with and for food. Our plan is directed for the culinary industry in that we will ensure you that all treatment will be safe in that environment and that the plan will include preventing future infestations.


Many hours of the day – and sometimes evening – are spent in educational facilities such as schools, universities, daycare centers, etc., and the health and well-being of staff, children, or students of any age are of the utmost importance to Gilstrap Exterminating, therefore we have plans geared for large facilities to control pest outbreaks in educational-related buildings – both inside and out. That could mean ant control, stinging insects, mice or rats, cockroaches, bed bugs, etc. We’ll evaluate the educational facility and prepare the best, safest treatment plan to eradicate the pest problem.


The Health category would include all healthcare-related businesses such as hospitals, doctors’ offices, rehab facilities, medical labs, assisted living, etc. Gilstrap Exterminating will meet all regulations necessary for the healthcare industry and will review with you all the best treatment options – including the Integrated Pest Management option, which with its non-chemical or organic options and overall long-term care is often an ideal choice to consider in this environment.


Whether an office is small or in a large-scale building, pests can and will find a way in. Gilstrap Exterminating is prepared to tackle an office of any size and will determine the best pest control treatment plan depending on what insects or rodents have entered. It’s possible more than one type have found their way in through the usual means – cracks, holes, openings, or hitchhiking onto people or items. As with all buildings in our commercial division, Gilstrap professionals will investigate and treat the problem in the safest, swiftest means possible. We may also suggest the Integrated Pest Management option.


It is vital to a business like hospitality that customers feel safe and unthreatened by pests. After all, this is really a temporary home where they sleep, eat, live for days or weeks at a time. Hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, inns, all run the risk of bed bug issues, along with other pests like fleas, roaches, spiders, ants – any pest that can get in or lay eggs. We at Gilstrap Exterminating take these matters very seriously and will give you the very best treatment the industry has to offer to extract and keep away pests in any building in the hospitality industry.


Perhaps you are a landlord or building manager with tenants who come to you with their needs. If you are the one responsible for managing one or several properties and your residents have encountered a pest problem, call Gilstrap. We treat every home as if it were our home – regardless of the size of the property. We’ll work with you and your tenants/residents to inform and communicate exactly what needs to be done both inside each residence and outside the entire property to help prevent future pest invasions.

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