There’s a reason why now in this industry we use the term “Pest Control” and not just “Extermination.” Yes, as our name states at Gilstrap Exterminating we exterminate – in other words, get rid of your problem; but there is more to our business than the extermination. We help with the entire process of Pest Control – the before, during, and after of Pest Control. When customers call Gilstrap Exterminating, we understand they want to learn what caused the problem and how to prevent this in the future. This is what Gilstrap Exterminating’s Pest Control is about.


Evaluate. Identify. Control.

We begin first with thoroughly evaluating your situation – determining via our investigative process what pest is invading your home, yard, or building, and how they are doing it. It’s very much a Who, What, Where process. Who is getting into your home or damaging your surroundings? What needs to be done? Where are they coming from? Add to that, our preventative care advice from our expert Gilstrap Exterminating technicians to help you avoid future pest intrusions.

Treatment Methods

Upon identifying the pest and the assessment of the above, we’ll review with you our recommended options. Very often how we solve your problem depends upon which pest – insect or rodent – has invaded your territory and the level of the infestation. Some pests can be controlled with a baiting system or other organic methods. Some, on the other hand, require chemical solutions.

Green Solutions

At Gilstrap, we do offer environmentally safe / green methods of pest control; however, if a situation does call for chemicals, we will go over the entire process with you, including showing you the ingredients in our treatments, informing you of any preparation that may be needed, and providing you with any necessary paperwork.

Integrated Pest Management Program

We also offer an Integrated Pest Management program (IPM). Integrated Pest Management or IPM is a term and program that features overall long-term management for pest control that steps beyond exterminating measures. The IPM includes inspection, diagnosing a problem, and preventative care rather than immediately treating your infestation with chemicals. It uses organic, logical, and proactive methods for determining how your pest problem began and then involves taking steps to prevent future invasions such as by cutting off all pest avenues first in an environmentally safe manner. Our Gilstrap staff will be happy to discuss IPM with you and answer any questions you may have about this program.

Common Pests



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